Císařka Residential Complex


Prague, Czech Republic – 2013


Collaboration with MS Architects

Císařka Residential Complex is located in a particular area of Prague. The location has the benefit of being of the close proximity to both the city and the nature. The urban design proposal forms a closed barrier to the north thus defining an inner semi public park. The residential buildings are surrounding this park with a variety of typologies. The site is composed of low-energy apartments buildings on the northern and highest edge, villa house on the western side and private villas on the southern edge. This diversity of typologies allows the possibility to reach to multiple clients in search for a home in the market. Lucrative villas, apartments and penthouses all overviewing the city thanks to benefits of the natural slope of the site.  A barrier building is erected on the northern edge in order to define the space and allow the maximum visibility to all units. This concept is also further extended and over 60% of the units face to the south and the view.