Park Hulváky

Ostrava, Czech Republic – 2013


Collaboration with MS Architects

The city of Ostrava commissioned a Masterplan for a new park. The site is composed by multiple local jurisdictions and required intervention of various types. The project defines and protects an ecological corridor while permitting the urban development as well. Within the site area is located the city’s underground water pumping station. Another important role of the project is to protect the water from contamination due to excessive uncontrolled development.

The proposal offers a set of new functions alongside the existing functions. It strengthening the area’s uniqueness and creates a more attractive whole. The Masterplan sets new cultural and recreational areas with a set of pedestrian and cycle paths that connects between the various thematic areas. Each of these areas is a unique project by itself. Among these are revitalization of ponds, new fishing kiosks, sports facilities, cultural and rehabilitation facilities. Landscape art transformation to facilitate the retention of flood areas is also part of the proposal. The design includes wetland fauna and a specific choice of plantation to aid in cleaning the contaminated air due the heavy industry of the city. Some of the ecological corridor is retained and planned large enough to allow the life of forest animals.

The geological formation of the site does not permit the pedestrian connection apart of along the main streets. The Masterplan defines the new set of recreational paths to stich the disconnected areas and positions new pedestrian and cycle bridges with an easy slope. The Masterplan recalls the heritage of a now unused public swimming pool structure on the site and refurbishes it with sustainable approach, using access heat form an adjacent power station.

The proposal defines the new development areas to contain the sprawl development. Offering new residential areas along side with new office, manufacture and distribution site with direct connection to the state road. Thus aiding in a more sustainable and feasible development