La Cucina


Rome, Italy – 2014


Collaboration with Sharon Cohen

The project’s guidelines derive from the idea of creating a single space where the architectural design is an integral part of the enogastronomic experience where it is possible to introduce a new model of socializing and tasting of orderves of the Italian kitchen in 360 degrees. The intention is to create a familiar domestic space, which at the same time is astonishing and particular.

The space is composed of three definitive areas. One for appetizers and the wine degustation, the second is the restaurant and the third for the sales of quality products. The entrance is located near the appetizer area enabling the possibility of forming a waiting area for the restaurant.

The interior design aspires to the Italian design by use natural materials, and materials commonly used in the spirit of Italian tradition. The color scheme, lighting fixtures and furniture are made to refer to the old Italian kitchen.

The architectonic design respects the clarity of the space in the same clarity and simplicity of the orderves presented in the restaurant. It exhibits the arches, pavement, bricks and pillars.

The fundamental element of the space is the glass box. The box is a fully transparent kitchen formed by glass and metal. The glass box is then wrapped by the preparation area, serving directly 50 sitting places around a bar. This formation allows and entirely new experience of direct relation between the chef and the guests. Around the restaurant some medium size tables offer a few traditional sitting places.

The illumination is made by the copper tubes which run over the ceiling of the entire space and converge around the transparent box to illuminate directly above the bar area.

restaurant plan

la cucina section