Radlická Residential Complex

Prague, Czech Republic – 2013


Collaboration with MS Architects

Radlická is a residential housing project located on Radlická Street in Prague. While benefiting from the high slope overviewing the city it suffers from noise die to the trafficked Radlická Street. The design needed to propose a solution for both the noise and the requested number of housing units made by the client. By pushing the buildings to the edge of the plot we were able to form a charming inner terraced semi public garden. The architectural solution extends a sound absorbing balconies that run around the entire building with diagonal formation to differentiate between apartment units. The balconies are protected further more by a glass railing, which extends in relation to the sound source and forms an orchestra of light reflection. The railings design compliments to the lucrative materials used on the façades.  The concept of green balconies roof is transmitted to the balconies themselves to aid to the goal of breaking the sound waves with use of plants as well and offers a special quality to all housing units that benefit private greenery on all floors. The housing units are oriented in a manner to avoid facing each other to permit the required privacy in such a prestigious project.